Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sample Posting

Welcome to my sample Blog. This is a communication tool I use with parents of the children I care for. I am making this sample because the Pamm's House blog is by invitation only and to be invited, you must be a current client. I no longer publish a monthly newsletter, but keep a more detailed Blog (or journal). Parents are kept up to date of the activites we do, the curriculum we use, and lunch menus.

The photo to the left is an example of an art activity the children have done. I try to plan one or two art projects each month, even though we do lots of other activities. I let the children experiment with glue, crayons, markers, and other things.

Because the children I care for are very young, I use a very simple curriculum (link on the right) and I spread it out over a long period of time, usually two weeks, so the children have enough time to explore each subject.

This next photo is of our play space. You can see the castle slide and our toy shelf. Toys are availabe at all times to the children. They work out their energy climbing on and going down the slide and through the tunnel. In addition to the shelf of toys, one "special" toy is brought out each morning and one after nap time. These toys are usually ones with lots of pieces (blocks, legos, animals, etc.) The children's favorite is Friday--Ball day! Many times the special toy will be an extention of our curriculum for the day. An exapmle would be when we had a car and bus theme, we spent lots of time playing with Matchbox-type cars running them down ramps, parking them in a line, or making block roads for them.

In the next photo, you can see that the toys do get washed. This is done on a regular basis, usually every two weeks. Toys that are mouthed, are washed just after the child is done mouthing them.

Other health precautions are made, too. I am constantly wiping down door knobs, gates, changing table, etc. Handwashing is also an important part of our day.

The above photo is of our table and chairs. In addition to sitting at the table for art projects, learning to sit at a table and eat with utensils takes lots of practice. Manners is a big part of our learning experience at Pamm's House. We work with the children on many things like learning to ask for what they would like with a "please", putting their cups on a table or shelf, to be nice to their friends, and much more.

As you can see by this next photo, yummy meals don't last long around here. I follow the Federal Food Program guidelines on meal patterns. This means I must serve a protien, two fruits and/or vegetables, a bread item (or rice or noodles), and milk at each lunch. I try to serve a variety of foods so the children are exposed to all kinds of foods.

In addition to helping me write my blog and helping out with taxes, lol, our doggies are a big part of the child care. They help the children learn empathy, to be kind to animals, and responsiblity. The dogs provide a nice distraction to help the children calm down, too. I have watched many infants reach out to touch them, as well as toddlers learn how to pet gently. Our dogs have been pulled on in every direction on every part of their bodies, and they are still gentle with the children

If this were my Pamm's House blog, the photos would be of the children with explaination of what the children were doing and how the week was going.

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