Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pamm's House is Going Green!

Almost without thinking Pamm's House has been becoming more and more green throughout this year. I never really gave it a thought until recently and began thinking of the things we have changed to become more green.

A few months ago we got some recycle bins from the trash company. It's just as easy to toss cans, plastic, glass, etc. in the recycle bin as it is to toss it in the trash. The key is to make it easily accesable.

I am working at using as many things as I can at least twice. Paper is one thing I work on using at least twice by putting scrap paper in my computer printer/copier. I got permisson to use scrap paper to print my required paperwork for the sponsoring agency that oversees my child care. Any plastic container can be used to store other food in or even used to sort toys or even as a toy.

I have also been taking a serious look at how I clean things. I really want to minimize the amount of chemicals I expose the children to. With lots of research I found out white vinegar can be used for just about every cleaning job in your home--no kidding!Most recently, I have tossed the cleaning solution that I had left in my carpet cleaning machiene and replaced it with vinegar. I can't believe how well it cleans the carpets and the floors.

I use vinegar to cut grease, clean mirrors and windows, clean the shower and sink and all of the bathroom, to disinfect, and even as a fabric softner. It can be used as an odor nuturalizer. So with all the cleaning I do with vinegar, the air is getting treated, too.

Did you know vinegar is as effective as bleach to kill bacteria? Here's a link to a great article about this: Just think, if I use vinegar in my carpet cleaner, my floors are sterilized. I use it as a fabric softner and my laundry is sterilized. I spray it on the table and chairs before I wipe it down after meals and the table and chairs are sterilized.

We have put white vinegar in spray bottles all over the house and use it for just about everything (even quieting Tillie).

If you would like to know what you can use vinegar for, here is a site with 1001 Uses for Vinegar: are other great, natural things you can use to clean with too like lemons, essential oils, salt, and backing soda.
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