Friday, August 21, 2009

Academic Overload in Kindergarten? (Repost)

via Big Little Brain by rachelbuhr on 8/20/09


Do your children have ample play time during the day?

I hope every parent answers “yes” to this question. Kids need time to be kids. They learn through play. I recently read an article on MSNBC that discussed the kindergarten classrooms of today. It made me sad to read that in many classrooms blocks, water tables and dramatic play areas are obsolete. What is kindergarten without a pretend grocery store or an area to dress up like a firefighter? I truly believe that playing dolls, trucks, kitchen and having tea parties are all important activities in a child’s day.

To read more on the academic pressure in our kindergarten classrooms, read this article:

Tutoring Tots? Kids prep for kindergarten

Tip of the Day:

Make sure your children have time for play.

- Set up a kitchen or grocery store area in your house.

- Play office with your children. I recently found an old phone and keyboard at a thrift store. My daughter loves it!

- Have costumes or dress up items for your children. Children love hats, necklaces, glasses and shoes. A mirror close by is also important.

- Encourage the use of puppets. You can buy puppets, make your own or check them out at the library.

It is important for children to do activities that encourage imagination and creativity.


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