Monday, September 14, 2009

Deep Cleaning

We're always trying to improve things at Pamm's House. Over the weekend, the playroom got a deep cleaning. The vacuum in the background in the photo below is new to us. It's called a Pet Hair Eraser by Bissell. I am very impressed at the job it does! I worked and worked to get every vacuumable (is that a word?) surface in the playroom (and most in the living room) vacuumed over the weekend. I guess I'm "fall cleaning" instead of spring cleaning :)
Another addition we made over the weekend is an air purifier (photo below). Actually we got two! The big one below is for the playroom and living area and it has already made a big difference.
We have a much smaller air purifier for the nap room, too!
Both purifiers contain UV lights, which kills germs.
We got the air purifiers at Lowes and the vacuum at Kmart. I'm very happy with them all.
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