Sunday, March 7, 2010

Going for a Spin . . .

. . . in the dryer.
I clean all the time, and yet again this weekend, I sanitized every surface, including toys, shelving, the floor and walls.

In the photo above, the plush toys have been through the washing machine and are about to take a spin in my dryer.

In the photo below, the hard toys are going through the dishwasher.

I took all the beds outside and gave them a good vinegar spray and then hosed them off, then used the sun to sanitize and dry. Of course, the blankets and nap mats are put through the washer and dryer weekly, sometimes more.

I used my Bissell Steam Mop to sanitize the floor.

I also used vinegar to wipe down walls, gates, door knobs, shelving, and every surface I could wipe.

Did you know vinegar kills bacteria, mold, and germs? And, it's safe for children and pets.

Vinegar is also a good grease cutter, fabric softener, and carpet cleaner. I keep it handy in several spray bottles all over the house. I use it full-strength, but half water and half vinegar works well, too. The smell goes away quickly.

I'm waiting anxiously to start clean Monday morning!

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