Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Great Find!

For a long time I have been looking for soft play food.  It sounds like a strange thing to look for.  I've tried the plastic type, but the toddlers continuously put that type in their mouths, chew on them, and I end up tossing the plastic toy food.

I then heard about soft play food.  It's like a "stuffed animal" version of play food.  The toddlers would be less likely to chew on that type of food and I know it would last a lot longer.

The reason I hadn't bought any is because of the price.  One "sandwich" costs over $15 at Amazon:
I would need at least four sets, and that would cost over $60 for toy food just sandwiches!  That's out of my budget.

So, soft toy food has been on my wish list for well over a year.  You can imagine my surprise when I was thrift store shopping and found several sets of these toys:  

It's a pizza, orange, apple (or tomato?) and banana.  They are sort of like Nerf toys that are covered with nylon.  I've had toddlers chew through regular Nerf items, but not the ones covered with nylon.  They're perfect!

Each set was $1 each!  

The toddlers were delighted to find all the food hidden in the toy kitchen!  I watch them put them in the microwave, sink, refrigerator, and just carrying them around.

Almost every time I ask the toddlers about their "food", they almost always say "cake".  If I had actually eaten every cake given to me.......


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