Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Table Game Storage

Table games are new to Pamm's House.  We've had them, but not in use every day.  Now we use them every day.  They are games that are suitable for playing with at a table:  peg boards, small blocks, matching games, nuts & bolts, small puzzles, file folder games, etc.

With these new games being a regular, I had to find a way to make them accessible to the children, yet, keep them orderly.

The tub shelf below sits in our "kitchen and table" area of the daycare.  It's not in a free play area.  The children know they must ask before choosing a game to work on, and they may only choose one.

The children take the tub of toys to the table and work.  Currently, we are working on each game as a group.  As the children get better with the games, they will each choose one game.

I have more games than the twelve tubs available, so I store the overflow in the storage cupboard pictured below.

This cupboard has doors on it and contains other table-type games as well as art materials, play dough, books, and binders containing curriculum and other information.

As the children master the twelve table activities in the tub shelf, I will rotate them out with other activities.

Also in the cupboard, I store the file folder games in a file box with hanging folders.  I get the box out now and then and let the children choose an activity.

As you can see, the cupboard and the tub shelf are close to each other.



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