Sunday, August 29, 2010


As I have mentioned before, I have been working on my photography skills.  I have learned a lot of techniques and have had a lot more practice.

I'm realizing that even professional photographers take a lot of pictures, then choose the best one.  They also take pictures on the "auto" setting and use photo editing software.

I'm using what I already own, my Canon PowerShot SX120IS 10MP Digital Camera and Picasa Photo Software (it's free).  I have even tried to get better at taking pictures with my phone.

The above photo of Tillie was cropped and sharpened and the color saturation is turned up just a bit. It sounds complicated, but after you learn to use your photo editing software, it takes less than a minute to fix-up a photo.

Then, there's other times I get lucky and take the photo perfectly framed and with great lighting.  The photo below has not been touched up with software--I just got lucky and took a great shot:

It's a little easier to photograph still babies than mobile toddlers.  I'm trying to work on getting better pictures of the toddlers.  I have been noticing some of the photos of the toddlers I've taken are a bit better.


This week I came across this post on another blog, that has great tips for taking better pictures of kids.

I have a daily photo blog here, with lots more information about photography:  Pamm's Daily Photo

I also publish my daily photo at ShutterCal.

In addition to a daily photo I do for fun, I also participate in The Daily Shoot.  It's a fun challenge.  I publish those photos at 365 Project.

Other photos I've taken are Here.


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