Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We're in a tricky part of year as far as the weather goes.  I know it's freezing in the mornings (I take the dogs out first thing each morning).  It's also been chilly in the evenings.  That makes for dressing warm for the car rides to and from Pamm's House.

The tricky part is during the day.  As soon as the sun rises over the ridge it shines right into the French doors and big window in the playroom.  It continues to shine in all day, setting on the side of the house with the long window in the playroom.  Between the sun and the busy little bodies running all over, I feel like we're in an oven all day long.  I've had to continually run the air conditioner every day.

Many of the children have been arriving in winter clothing; long pants and long sleeve shirts.  By mid morning, everyone is pretty warm.

It would be ideal if children were dressed in short sleeves.  Pants are okay, but no heavy sweats for now.  For those chilly rides to and from daycare a layered sweatshirt or jacket would be perfect.

This is a good time to check  your child's cubby and make sure there are two sets of season appropriate spare clothes that fit your child (how the children grow over the summer!)

Thanks for understanding!


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