Sunday, December 5, 2010

Moving to MP3s

Do you have a pile of CDs?  This is our collection.  We have really pared it down, the tub used to be full of CDs and now we have barely half a tub.  The other half we gave to charity.

Can you tell I'm an Amy Grant fan?

Why did we weed out so much?  We made a change.  I actually listen to more music and play more music for the toddlers from my computer than from a CD.  It became a chore to go find the CD of choice and it was much easier to just play whatever was available on my laptop anyway.

That got me thinking, why don't I store all the CDs on my computer so they are all available and I don't have to go find any CDs?

I spent almost a whole day putting all the CDs on my laptop.  That is such a monotonous job!  I just kept at it, working on small stacks of CDs at a time and I kept my mind on the reward of having all the music in one place.

In the above photo, you can see my laptop and to the right, my Portable External Hard Drive.  It's nice to have an external hard drive to store photos, files, and music on.

After I transfered all the music to my laptop, I then transfered all of it to the hard drive to back it up.  To free up some space on my laptop, I deleted some of the music off my laptop that I don't listen to often or am not interested in right now.  Later, I can transfer the music from the external hard drive back to my laptop if I want to listen to that music.

The next transfers I made from my laptop were to my phone and my old MP3 player.  I filled my memory card on my phone with music I love so when I'm on the go, I can listen anywhere.

I put all the children's music on my old MP3 player.  I now hook it up to Philips Travel Speakers you see in the photo above and can play children's music quickly, anytime.  I LOVE having all the children's music in ONE spot.

After all the transferring and organizing, I now have all the music centralized and easy to get to.  We went through our CDs and passed along those that we don't feel we needed to keep a copy of.  It felt good to pass them along and it feels good to have things cleaned out and organized.



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