Monday, March 5, 2012

Cure For Cracked Hands

When I was doing child care, I wore my hands out!  Winter seemed the worst, with cracked fingers and thumbs that were painful.  I tried many solutions, but only one helped at all--this one.

I came across a recipe that was used by nurses who wash their hands as much as child care providers do.  The recipe calls for:

1 container baby lotion
1 container Vitamin E cream
1 container petroleum jelly

The ladies who posted the recipe said they get their ingredients at Family Dollar for around a dollar each (I think prices have gone up now).

Since I've moved, I don't have a Family Dollar store, I went to the discount store I do have available.

I wanted to make a double batch so it would last a long time, and it seemed the containers were not as big as I normally get, so I got double of the petroleum jelly and Vitamin E cream to go in the same proportion as the larger lotion container.

I've figured out over the years of making this recipe that it doesn't really matter what kind of lotion you use.

I put everything into my Kitchen Aid mixer.

I then cleaned out all of the containers so I would have something to put the lotion in.

I mixed it all up.

I then put the mixture back into the containers, plus a container I had.

This lotion is the only thing I've found to heal my cracked hands (and feet).  If I use it daily during the winter I won't have cracked hands at all.



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