Monday, November 3, 2014

Pamm's House Blog History

I thought you would like to know how Pamm's House blog started.
For the first years of Pamm's House Child Care, I published a monthly newsletter, although at times I wondered why.  I would put holiday closures, announcements, reminders, a fingerplay, and more in each issue.  I would print them out, run to the copy store and copy them, one for each family of the children I cared for.

Over the years, I began realizing that most parents didn't read them or at least refer back to them because they would verbally ask me the same information I printed in the newsletters.  I would see them still in a diaper bag weeks after I put it in there or in their cars.  I began to question why I even printed them if I still had to give the same information verbally.
I had heard of blogs, and thought it a neat idea, and began to wonder if I could replace my newsletter with a blog?  A blog would be updated once-a-week or more, instead of monthly.  Would parents read a blog?
I decided to give it a try.  I was already taking plenty of photos of the children and thought it would be nice to include the photos in a blog post.  So, I began blogging.
In addition to reminders, holidays off, and announcements, I blogged about the activities I did with the children, cute things they said and did, and sometimes just let the pictures do all the talking.
To get the parents to read it, I would email each post to each parent, that way I knew they got each post.
No longer did the parents ask questions about which day was the daycare closed, they now made comments about how cute the kids were and the neat things we did.
I have since retired from daycare.  I miss the children, but I am enjoying this next season of my life.  This blog is now meant for child care providers; for encouragement and ideas.  There are not a lot of blogs dedicated to the provider, and I hope to fill that void.
What do you blog about?  Let me know in the comments.



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