Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Go Paperless and Get Organized With Evernote: Your First Note!

The first successful function I did with Evernote was to make a grocery list.  It seems so simple.  I made my list on my laptop at home with  checkboxes.  I went to the store, opened up the list on the Evernote app on my phone, shopped and checked off the boxes as I shopped.

I'm not sure why, but I had tried a few list and note-type apps in the past and never had success like I did with Evernote.  With my new-found Evernote success, I got momentum with Evernote and started exploring what else I could use it for.

What will be your first note?  Go ahead, pick a device and a topic (grocery list, something you have on a post-it note, or anything) and create your first note.

Next, go to another device (your phone, tablet, laptop) and view the note there.  You will have access to the note at the store, at work, at home.



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