Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Go Paperless and Get Organized With Evernote: Installing & Premium

Having access to your notes everywhere is what makes Evernote rock.  Before I really knew how Evernote worked, I started by using only the web app.  I would, login and stare at it wondering how anyone made it work.  It didn't dawn on me to use it on my computer, phone and other devices.

To get started with Evernote, go to https://evernote.com and create an account.  Next, you will need to install the app on all your devices.  I have installed the desktop app on my laptop, phone, tablet, computer at work (please get permission before downloading anything owned by your company) and my personal Chromebook.

While you're at the Evernote site, you will see they offer a premium version and wonder if that is something you need, it's only $5/month or $47 per year.  Most people will not need the premium version.

I did go pro.  Why?  My husband and I like to share and work on notes together.  If we both had the free version, we would not be able to share and collaborate on a note or notebook.  You can share notes without the premium version by emailing or sending to Facebook or other ways, but you cannot collaborate.  Other benefits of the premium version are a better search function and up to 1 GB uploads per month.

In the two years I have been using Evernote, there have been only two months that I have come close to needing the 1 GB of upload, and was because I was scanning and adding all of my recipes at once or all of my notes from last year at once.  Now, I add these items on a daily basis.

My advice would be to begin with the free version and if you find you need more functions in the future, then go pro later.



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